2000 Vintner Select Merlot

2000 Vintner Select Merlot

Remarkably intense for a Merlot, and darker in color than most Cabs, the 2000 Merlot from our Wind Whistle vineyard was a shoe-in for the Vintner’s Select.  Explosive aromas of rose petals, wild violets and allspice are just the prelude to the burst of ripe cherry and currant that follow on the palate.  A huge middle balances the chewy and complimentary tannins and extends into a stunning finish, where the flavors and textures resolve, and the softness of the tannin spectrum is revealed.

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Appellation: Napa Valley
Vintage: 2000
Harvest: October 2000
Fermentation: Alcholic & Malolactic in Stainless Steel Tanks
Cooperage: French Oak
Blend: 100% Merlot
Alcohol: 14.1%
Bottling: September 2002
Production: 355 cases
Release Date: November 2002
Release Price:


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  • Connoisseurs' Guide: March 2003 - Rating: 93

    Here is a Merlot whose mass and muscle all but scream out for long aging. It is intense in aroma and generous in flavor with character that ranges from highly ripened cherries and tea leaf to large doses of creamy oak tasting of cappuccino and crème brulee. It all but parallels what one might expect of a Cabernet Sauvignon at the same price, yet this is not Cabernet and the wine's aging curve is likely to be a touch shorter. A fine and deep wine to be sure, it is made in a style that is meant to be taken seriously by collectors.

  • Wine Enthusiast: August 2003 - Rating: 91

    A success despite a certain leanness, this is a young wine in need of mid-term cellaring. Notes of green olives, bacon, unsweetened dark chocolate and boysenberries are wrapped in sumptuous, lush tannins that melt on the palate.