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Katherine Rantz

Assistant CFO

Katherine Rantz grew up in the Bay Area during a time when apple and plum orchards were abundant and kids earned summer spending money picking fruit.  “I loved the smell and feel of the orchards in the early morning hours and the excitement of harvest.” An opportunity to move to the Napa Valley came in 1986 and Katherine once again found herself enjoying the seasonal rhythms of an agricultural community.

“My first job was with a small family owned winery called Sutter Home.  I spent the next 15 years there learning the wine business.  I went on to work in several larger publicly owned wineries, but found myself missing the nuances of a family owned business.  As one door closed, another one opened, my journey lead me to Pride Mountain Vineyards, a winery once again owned and operated by a caring family.  It felt like I had come full circle and was where I was meant to be.”

While Katherine and her husband Dave were raising three beautiful boys, Cody, Anthony and Garrett, her life was filled with dirt bikes, speed boats and big trucks. Now that the boys (including Dave) are older, life is a little quieter.  Her perfect day?  “Surrounded by my family, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying a nice glass of wine.” 

Sales & Support