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July 12, 2023
2023 Summit Circle Blending Workshop

The Summit Circle is our version of a wine club, unique in that it allows each member to choose a custom selection of only their favorite wines to be sent to them as they're released throughout the year.  While membership has long offered many benefits, this year we added a few small special events to the list and today's Blending Workshop was the very first one.  Eighteen members and their guests joined Steve Pride and Winemaker Matt Ward in the fermentation room to learn about the intricacies of blending and to try their hand at making a wine of their own.  While their focus was intense, there were a lot of laughs too, and a great sense of teamwork as neighbors tasted one another's blends.  Magnums of library wines pulled from the Pride cellar accompanied by a beautiful lunch from Bottega in Yountville wrapped up a wonderful day.  Next up is "A Night in Paris" featuring the music of Duo Gadjo and an unusual opportunity to enjoy the "golden hour" here on our mountaintop.  This year's events are all fully booked, but we'll be inviting new and existing members to more in 2024!

Summit Circle Blending Workshop Photo Gallery

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