With enticing flavors of blackberry, plum, black cherry, mountain herbs, jasmine and even a hint of creosote undulating in and out as it evolves in the glass, this is a wine to spend an evening getting to know. One reason I always love our Syrah is that its personality varies so dramatically from vintage to vintage depending on the growing season, with weather conditions at the time of budbreak through veraison and harvest all having a profound effect on the outcome. One constant is the rich, thick texture in the mouth, especially the mid-palate, with just enough tannic astringency to give the wine some size without hampering its silky, elegant profile. The 2012 has the highest percentage of co-fermented viognier that we’ve used to date, at 8% of the overall blend. I love the subtle effect of this addition, expressed in the floral notes and the complexity of the fruity flavors.


Appellation: Sonoma County
Vintage: 2012
Harvest: October 2012
Fermentation: Stainless Steel
Cooperage: 100% Neutral Oak
Blend: 92% Syrah
8% Viognier
Alcohol: 14.4%
Bottling: March 2014
Production: 940 cases
Release Date: May 2014
Price: $60.00