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September 9, 2011
2011 Vintage Kicks Off!

Harvest 2011 began today at the top of Spring Mountain, with a scant 1400 pounds of chardonnay from a small, sunny section of our Mountain Top block. While our main block of chardonnay will require an additional two weeks of hang time, these petite, succulent clusters are ready to go. These grapes are a Burgundian selection of chardonnay, clone 96, known for low yield and intense aromatics. 

2011 has in general been shaped by a late spring and a somewhat cooler than average summer. Fortunately, the last few weeks have been perfect with temps most days approaching 90F. This warmth has pushed our red grapes through veraison (the process of turning from green to red that kicks off ripening) which puts us roughly one week ahead of last year which was another late year. These cooler than normal vintages result in long hang times and lower sugar at phenolic ripeness, which is a combination that makes very complex and exciting wines with the added bonus of lower alcohol levels; the 2010 reds out in the cave are really showing great right now. 

With today’s pick, the buzz of excitement that each harvest brings is officially upon us. We invite you to pay us a visit this fall and share in the fun!