S. Crosby Swinchatt

Production Assistant

Born in Portland, Maine, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Crosby Swinchatt was initially drawn to a career as a geographic surveyor because of his interest in sustainability and his passion for being outdoors. Crosby had family ties in wine, though – his uncle Jonathan Swinchatt co-authored The Winemaker’s Dance, a pre-eminent text on geology and soils in the Napa Valley, and his cousin, Ryan Rouark, owns a winery in Santa Barbara. The day after graduating from college with a Bachelor’s in Geography, Crosby left Georgia with his sights set for the west. Landing in Santa Barbara and working his first harvest at Sea Smoke Cellars, he realized that working in wine was exactly what he wanted to do. Subsequently he took a series of harvest positions, working with other high-end Pinot producers in Oregon, California, New Zealand and Australia.

Transitioning to Bordeaux varietals when he joined the team at Pride in 2016, Crosby brings skill, passion, a great palate and his eclectic taste in music to everything that he does. He is involved in all aspects of wine making from the vine to the bottle, with a specific focus on the blending process.

Crosby puts in long hours at the winery throughout the year and especially at harvest. In his spare time, he enjoys an active lifestyle. Skiing and hiking in the Sierras, paddling around the Bay and hitting the San Francisco streets are some of his many leisure time pursuits.