David Orozco

Vineyard Manager

David Orozco has been working at Pride Mountain Vineyards as the Vineyard Foreman since 1992. His dedication to excellence and faithful diligence and hard work has been a central part of the winery's success. David presently lives with his wife Cruz in the old ranch house on the property where Jim and Carolyn lived from 1989 to 2001.

After work most days, you can find David walking the vineyards keeping an eye out for potential problems. He is often spraying until midnight, then up at the crack of dawn to manage his crew of fifteen vineyard workers. If you enjoy Pride Mountain wines, David Orozco should be the first person that you thank.

David and Cruz both grew up in the town of Periban in Michoacán, Mexico where they were childhood sweethearts and were finally married in 1982. They came to the United States to pursue the American dream and became citizens in 1987. They have two beautiful daughters, Samantha and Rebecca, and David is proud grandfather to Samantha's two children.

"A key moment in the history of Pride Mountain Vineyards is when David Orozco and his great family moved onto the ranch in 1992," says Steve Pride. "Underneath his good-natured, macho exterior David is one of the most sincere and warm persons you will ever meet. I am honored to count him as my friend."