Miguel Castaneda

Manuel Baltazar

Martin Castaneda

Jose Luis Perez

Manuel Perez

Nereo Galindo

German Gomez-Flores

Javiar Alcantar

Rigoberto Alcantar

Ramiero Castaneda

Jose Castro

David Orozco

Paul Skinner, Ph.D.



The next time you pull the cork on your favorite Pride wine, fill your glass and raise a toast to this hardworking team. A wonderful and dedicated group of men led by our tireless Ranch Foreman, David Orozco (far right), their efforts correlate directly to the quality of the wine we produce and the beauty of the property that we enjoy sharing with our guests.

Paul Skinner has been our viticultural consultant since 1990, before we even made wine. Nobody knows Pride Mountain Vineyards as well as Paul. His regular visits are an essential part of why we have enjoyed some success as a winery. As we move forward, Paul is working more closely than ever with Sally Johnson and Steve Pride to insure that each vineyard block is producing its best possible wine.

From left to right: