Pride Family

Suzanne Pride Bryan


Suzanne Pride Bryan remembers trips to the wine country as a child in the 1960s with her brother Steve and their parents, Jim and Carolyn Pride. "We would climb into the back of Dad's two-seat sports car and spend weekends driving from the Sacramento Valley to the Napa Valley. Fun for our wine-collecting parents perhaps, but not so much fun for a couple of little kids," she recalls.

Suzanne graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and worked in management in San Francisco's Financial District for 10 years before entering the other Pride family business, Pride Institute (the renowned dental practice management organization, sold to its employees in 2005 after Jim’s passing). "Dad always wanted me to work for the family firm, but insisted I work at another company first," she says. "It was so great to work with Dad; he was a phenomenal business person. To be able to help with Pride Institute while Mom and Dad started Pride Mountain Vineyards meant a lot to me. Those were years of hard work and many sacrifices, but doing it for our family made it worthwhile.” Suzanne joined her parents full-time at the winery in 2003.

Suzanne is married to Stuart Bryan, a 30-year veteran in wine sales. Stuart was instrumental in getting Pride Mountain wines distributed on a national basis from the very first vintage in 1991, and continues to serve as Director of National Sales today. Together, Suzanne and Stuart, who live in nearby Sonoma County, have two grown daughters both residing in Brooklyn, New York:  Elizabeth who is an interior architect and Kathryn who is a photojournalist.

Since 2004, Suzanne and her brother Steve have co-owned Pride Mountain Vineyards once their mother, Carolyn Pride retired.  "It’s fantastic to be second-generation owners and carry-forward our parents' vision. We are so blessed with the amazing fruit that grows on our mountain top and the talented team of people who make our winery and our wines so special," says Suzanne.

Pride Family