Pride Family

Steve Pride

CEO & Co-Owner

Steve has been responsible for guiding Pride Mountain Vineyards (PMV) since 2004. He involves himself in all aspects of the business from viticulture to winemaking, from management to marketing. Steve is proud of contributing to and promoting the general spirit that permeates Pride Mountain Vineyards, in which the entire staff places a priority on being concerned for the well-being and happiness of everybody they come in contact with: guests, long-term customers, new customers, vendors, other professional relations, colleagues and to the greater community in which they live. Steve likes to envision PMV, sitting high atop the Mayacamas Mountains, as a giant antenna sending out waves of good will. The ability to connect with people is made easier when the quality of wine is outstanding and Steve’s primary focus in his professional life is how to make the wines of Pride Mountain Vineyards as great as they can possibly be.

In the early 1990s, before the winery was in existence, Steve began his career as an academic scientist. After completing a BA at the University of California at Berkeley and a PhD at Texas A&M University, both in geophysics, and after two years as a post-doc at MIT, he married his French wife Laurence, and became a professor at the University of Paris and later at the University of Rennes in France. In 2000, he took a sabbatical at Stanford University as a visiting professor, which enabled him to spend time with his Dad who was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2001. In 2003, Steve and Laurence, and their boys Tommy and Sammy, moved from France to the Bay Area to get more involved with the winery. Steve also obtained a staff-scientist position at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab at that time along with an adjunct-professor position at UC Berkeley, and now splits his time between Berkeley and the winery.

"Being a scientist is actually good training for owning and managing a vineyard,” he says. “As a scientist, you are required to solve difficult problems, experiment and hypothesize, and think outside the box; all qualities that come in handy here at the winery. We are taking nothing for granted at Pride Mountain Vineyards, and are constantly exploring ways to push the wine-quality envelope to the maximum. The entire enterprise is a whole lot of fun."

Pride Family